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Floors were highly valued and earned attention at all times. In Europe by the 17th century, masters had achieved perfection in producing art parquet.
Art parquet developed in Russia very fast with the most popular parquet installation technique - "herringbone". In 17 – 19th centuries, parquet was processed manually only. Factory parquet became widely spread by the 80-ies and eventually art parquet became very rare.

Dear customer,

Thank you for enquiring about our products and services. Some say that the floor is the main thing in their house. Art parquet is probably the best kind of floor you can get. It's been known for ages and is the exquisite type of floor that was used as parquet in royal palaces. We are experts in Art parquet that comes in many different formats and styles. You can choose different grades, application and finishes and then add your chosen color to create the absolutely unique floor just like you imagined. We specialize in laying wood parquet finger blocks in many herringbone arrangements. We have had extensive experience in laying floors so we will be able to answer as many questions as you may have. We promise to visit your premises as soon as possible to suit your convenience to give you our experience and hands on advice, quote or estimate for your flooring requirements. We recommend you visit our website where you can see our vast range of materials and finished floors. Have your project done with us and recommend to friends – you will get 10% of every business you bring!

Yours sincerely,
Angel Vasilev
Project Manager

However, beginning in the 1980s and 90s a renewed interest in wood flooring
combined with better manufacturing techniques and more durable materials such a s laminates began a resurgence in the wood flooring industry. Today, there are many styles of Parquet floors to choose from and these floor are affordable by more people than every before.
Parquet floors are once again popular, as the designs of these floors add additional beauty to the natural beauty and warmth of modern day wood floors.